We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used
when we created them.
Albert Einstein

So, you might be wondering, just what exactly is ‘energy’,  and how can I learn to harness its power?

What is energy?

When we talk about energy, we’re talking about a flow of electricity.  Just the same as our computers, homes, education facilities, and workplaces, we as human beings also run on electricity too. Our cells vibrate with electricity and we have numerous pathways that facilitate the charge of electricity (or energy) through and around our bodies. There are many names for these specific pathways, such as channels or meridians. There are also many names for energy, such as Qi (Chi).

We all have our unique individual energy, which reacts to other people’s energy. This creates commonalities with those who we surround ourselves with. It can also create what we call energetic baggage. 

Why work with energy?

Energy work can create shifts that allow us to move rapidly through areas where we have been stuck or blocked.  Some primary causes of energy blockages include emotions, diet, environment, seasonal changes, injuries and medications. 

Focussing on working with energy allows you the opportunity to find resolution, move forward, or change some feeling or behavior that has been impeding you. 

For example, do you have a pattern of behavior? Maybe it’s a pattern that becomes apparent when you look back over your relationships, or something that reoccurs with all of your bosses, or teams you have worked in. Energy work can allow you to become more aware of what’s happening and to change it.

Energy work is not based upon religious or spiritual belief of any type. It does not matter what you believe or do not believe. Energy has its own ways of behaving.

My coach of two years introduced me to Carolyn. My coach knew something else was needed. I had been experiencing a long recurring issue, a real ‘draining’ problem in a highly essential business relationship. I really was stuck. I needed to open up to yet another phase of growth. Carolyn’s ability to lead me through this energy work has changed my life.

Not only have the dynamics of that situation improved hands down, a host of other things have also changed. This work is holistic - it’s about the whole person. The biggest joy is my ability now, and clarity, to cut through and get things done with an ease that just wasn't there before. 



I had known Carolyn for some time before I began energy work with her. I saw how it changed her and experienced the effect of one of her guided visualisations, which piqued my interest. As a coach, coach trainer and specialist in women in leadership development, I have both delivered and undertaken many different types of development courses over the years. Although the concepts seemed a little intangible, I was intrigued by the results I could see in Carolyn and what I experienced in just one visualisation. So, I decided to try some energy work.
At times, the concepts may stretch your thinking. But, I am always open to new ideas and finding better ways of approaching situations. And, by being open, I have found my work with Carolyn invaluable to me personally and professionally. I’m seeing shifts (that at the time are imperceptible) in myself and the way I handle situations and people who previously I found very challenging. This has the positive benefit of helping me build more positive relationships and feel less stressed in previously stressful situations. I have also shared some of my learning with clients, to enable them to become more grounded and to be in the present moment.
In these times, where people are tending to feel more stressed than ever, these simple learnings are a huge help. I can highly recommend this work and working with Carolyn.


Leadership Coach

Energy Programs

Single session 1-on-1

An individual session to identify and begin to clear some key energies. Session can be based upon a topic, a pattern of behaviour or focus on a part of your energy body (aura, chakras, etc).

This is a good way to find out if this work is for you now. You can experience a session and assess whether you are ready to commit to continue. 

Allow 60-90 minutes for first session.

No previous knowledge is required.

5 sessions 1-on-1

Individual sessions based upon your needs. Allows for greater depth of healing and provides introduction to tools and techniques that can be used at any time.

Allow 60 minutes for each session. 

No previous knowledge is required.

 Group 6 months

Dates for 2022 to be announced soon.

8 sessions over 6 months 

If you are ready to create change this is for you.

1 - Introduction
2 - More than the mind
3 - Finding and releasing pain (physical/emotional)
4 - Boundaries
5 - The you you're waiting to be
6 - Beliefs
7 - Chakras
8 - Putting it all together

Each session includes a group Q&A

No previous knowledge is required.


What’s included

Introduction to energy clearing and healing. Find out if this work is right for you for now. 


1 x 1-on-1

Single session 1-on-1


5 x 1-on-1

5 sessions 1-on-1. Discount for payment in advance.


Group 6m

8 sessions over 6 months covering specific areas